Fairy dust beauty trend
Photo: Instagram

Glitter has always been a mainstay in beauty trends, especially during the fall/winter seasons. But this season saw the sparkle in various renditions befitting of every beauty magpie, from the tastefully minimal to the glamorous maximalist.

For a minimal take on the trend, consider “fairy dust.” Coined by Brooklyn-based makeup artist and Estée Lauder global beauty director Violette, “fairy dust” is a soft, delicate version of thin glitter, making it all the more wearable. To achieve the look, as per Violette’s method, layer a glittery lip gloss over your usual matte eyeshadow, and use a glitter eyeshadow to line your bottom waterline and upper eyelid.

As glitter has a tendency to get messy, make sure you do your eye makeup first, followed by your foundation, contouring and the rest of your face, leaving mascara last, so as to make sure the glitter doesn’t stick on it. And if any glitter falls on your face during application, just use a fan brush to lightly flick away the glitter.

Click through the gallery below for the best glittery makeup products to help you achieve that glitter beauty trend and to add some much needed shimmer and shine in your life.

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