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ON-THE-GO Li-Lin Wong, founder of Loopz Fitness is all about making exercise possible every day even if you only have 10 minutes. HEALTHY FOOD RULE: “There are “5 Principles of Wise Eats” that I list in my 6 Week Lifestyle Reboot with Wong Li-Lin book—Eat close to food source, eat more plant based and less wheat and sugar and have raw food till four. Eat less chew more.” BREAKFAST:
“I have a rotation of breakfasts such as carrot muesli, juice, a bowl of fruits or oatmeal that I enjoy. I like to start my day right, with lots of vegetables or fruits, as it’s the easiest meal to control. Although, on occasion, I do love a buttery flakey croissant!” LUNCH: “Depends where my meetings take me. I generally eat less carbs at lunch time to ensure I still perform well after lunch but have a lot of vegetables with whatever I eat.” DINNER: “I buck the trend here and actually have a little more carbs at night as they help me sleep better. And still lots of vegetables.” GUILTY FOODS: “Salt and Vinegar crisps for savoury moods and Famous Amos cookies for sweet moods. Sometimes I want some fat and texture, and crisps do the trick for me. I’ve eaten the cookies forever so it’s comfort food in a way.” TIPPLE: “I mostly drink red wine a couple of times a week or less.” EXERCISE: “I work out using Loopz Fitness, a resistance band I designed and try to do at least one move a day. And I do a short run twice or three times a week.”


SB0115_Claire - GYM Jul 14 (24 of 38)

MULTI-TASKER Racing driver Claire Jedrek believes that healthy eating habits which are instilled at an early age will follow you for life. HEALTHY FOOD RULE: “If it comes out of a packet it’s not fresh. I try my best to stay away from processed foods and buy fresh items and cook at home as much as I can.” BREAKFAST: “I love Fage 0% Natural Yoghurt. I top it with lots of fresh or frozen berries, bananas and a dash of maple syrup. My parents always made me have sit-down breakfasts, so it’s something instilled in me that I will one day pass on to my kids.” LUNCH: “Much of my teen years were spent at school eating homemade sandwiches, I never bought noodles. Fast forward 15 years and I’m still making them. I buy whole grain bread and I fill them with fresh ingredients like baby spinach.” DINNER: “I limit heavy red meats as I find them harder to digest, leaving me feeling dull the next day. If I go out, my choice of dinner will always be Japanese—I love salmon and tuna sashimi.” GUILTY FOODS: “Butter and cheese. I really don’t relate to people who don’t eat cheese.” TIPPLE: “A good shiraz.” EXERCISE: “I need a certain amount of cardio to be able to be race fit and maintain concentration. I run three times a week, cycle and swim. Afterwards, I spend 40 minutes stretching. I’ve never been a yoga person, but technique takes patience, which helps when it comes to racing.”


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YOGA GURU Malvina Kang, founder of Hom Yoga in Singapore believes moderation is key, but will have her chocolate fix every now and again. HEALTHY FOOD RULE: “Eating a mainly organic and whole foods diet. So a diet centered on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes is my mantra.” BREAKFAST: “I’ve recently been drinking green smoothies for breakfast. They are super yummy. I make them with three different vegetables such as kale, broccoli and cucumber, and one fruit like banana, and mix with oats, rice milk, a splash of vanilla essence and a teaspoonful of stevia.” LUNCH: “I love having a mixed salad, perhaps with a salmon as a protein choice. On days where I need something heavier, a vegetable lentil stew is wonderful as it is high in protein and very nutritious.” DINNER: “Grilled fish, with a side of potatoes and mixed greens is a regular for dinner. Fish is low in calories and fat, yet provides a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.” GUILTY FOODS: “Definitely chocolate! Most of the time, I gravitate toward healthy eating, but I enjoy food too much to pass up on a fabulous piece of chocolate cake.” TIPPLE: “I don’t drink at all right now as I’m pregnant, however, when I did drink, I would enjoy a glass of red wine with my meal.” EXERCISE: “Yoga! I try to get a practice in almost every day if possible. My practice keeps me constantly open to the possibilities around me.” ■