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Anyone with an interest in beauty blogging will know about Into The Gloss and its founder Emily Weiss. After years of covering the best in beauty products, treatments and experts, Weiss decided to channel her knowledge and expertise into Glossier, a no-nonsense product line.

We have been eagerly awaiting the range for months, and it is now finally available to fans exclusively at Net-a-porter.com (the range debuted in the US at the beginning of the year). To celebrate the launch, we caught up with Weiss for a quick chat.

Harper’s Bazaar: What made you decide to start making products?

Emily Weiss: Over the years of running Into The Gloss, I began to see a gap in the way beauty companies were creating products and marketing them to women. There wasn’t one brand that really spoke to girls like me, who created products for real life. So we set out to create that brand with Glossier. It is the physical manifestation of everything we learn from our community of loyal readers and the amazing people we interview and collaborate with. We are a modern beauty products brand made by editors who ‘get’ what works, and we’re inspired by what girls want in real life. Hopefully we’re leading a movement that celebrates individuality and personal style, making women proud of who they are every day.

What is Glossier’s USP that makes it stand out from other brands?

EW: At Glossier we’re creating an edited collection of the best essential products. These are the ones that you reach for everyday and will always have a place on your top shelf. Our products are simple, easy to use, and fun. There are no smoke and mirrors, just hardworking, luxury ingredients that do what they say and make you look your best right away.

emily weiss, into the gloss, glossier

What inspires you beauty-wise?

EW: I am crazy for good branding and really admire companies that get it right. Byredo, Céline, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh are standouts in that regard. As for people, this may not be a helpful answer, but I am constantly seeking inspiration from the girls who use our Glossier products, Instagram them, visit our showroom and send us emails. They have amazing insights and feedback, which we really put to work in our product development and marketing.

What is your daily skincare routine?

EW: My routine is very simple. I wash my face, spritz Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist all over to re-hydrate the skin, rub the Priming Moisturizer on my face and really use a lot of it. Then I use several drops of our Perfecting Skin Tint to kind of zip everything into place, which gives me a really great polished, dewy look. I finish off with the Balm Dotcom on my lips, and then dab the excess on my brow and cheekbones for a soft, glowy highlight that stays in place all day. That’s it!

Glossier Balm Dotcom, USD38, at Net-a-porter.com exclusively

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