Fragrance Files: The Best Boozy Scents That Will Intoxicate Your Senses

Whether you prefer your drinks with a twist or straight up, we have the perfect sultry scent to go with it

Who doesn’t love a good drink? An alcoholic beverage punctuates almost every type of memory in our adult life. Whether its popping a bottle of champagne for celebrations, or sipping a smooth single-malt whiskey on the rocks after a stressful, long day, we associate so many memories to different types of booze. Of course, we all have our favourite little concoctions that add a little buzz in our steps and the same goes for fragrances! Some like their drinks refreshing and crystalline clear, while others prefer a smokier brew with lots of depth. BAZAAR is covering all things boozy to fit your adult beverage of choice. Don’t worry, you won’t leave the house smelling like you have just finished a bar crawl and guzzled your body weight in alcohol. If that were the case, then an atomizer of Jack Daniels might serve better than our picks.

Instead, we are looking at fragrances that uses boozy notes to take us back immediately to the experience of drinking certain liquors and the warm memories they hold. Even though boozy notes are more often found in male fragrances, there are plenty of female and unisex fragrances that utilize them too. But some male fragrances are so good that we can’t help ourselves. This is definitely the kind of “borrowed-from-the boys” situation we love! Click through our gallery to discover your perfect brew (sans the hangover).

By Hanan Haddad

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