Fragrance Files: The Best Neroli Scents For The Singapore Heat

In the blistering Singapore heat, sometimes fragrances can come across as cloying. Body heat amps up perfumes and if you don’t wear the right one, it might be headache inducing. That’s why picking the right scent to battle sunny, sweaty days is crucial. Enter neroli to save day!

Neroli oil is extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Though most people tend to confuse it with orange blossom, neroli is in fact much more bitter and biting than its sweeter blossom counterpart. Though both are extracted from the same bitter-orange flower. Neroli is perfect for hot weather as it gives fragrances a zesty zing without coming off fruity or juvenile. This can be attributed to neroli’s fresh, green and aromatic nature that provides the citrus bite sans the sweetness. Hence, most neroli based scents come off “clean smelling”, even soapy and are often described to be as refreshing as a cool shower. Besides, who doesn’t want to smell clean and fresh 24/7?!

For all you neroli loving people out there, BAZAAR has curated the best neroli based fragrances ranging from designer to niche. Click through the gallery to check them out!

By Hanan Haddad

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