Fragrance Files: The Best Rose Scents For Every Mood

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is an iconic line from Shakespeare‘s Romeo & Juliet, eternally romanticising the rose and turning it into an object of desire. Whenever we think of roses, the image of Valentine’s Day and lovers come to mind. However, what we forget is that there are so many different types of roses, and not all are created equal. Each type, be it damask rose or Bulgarian rose, all have a distinct character that lends itself to the art of perfumery in order to create a distinct scent that you can connect with. Hence, rose scents often become signature scents for many people.

Just like a vivacious woman, the rose has many faces and facets that can adapt to almost any situation or mood. Depending on how the rose absolute is extracted and paired with certain notes, it can be light, transparent and totally work appropriate or become jammy and thick for a sexy night-out. Whether you are feeling dark and mysterious or playful and carefree, there is a rose scent that perfectly fits your state of mind. Click through the gallery for the best rose fragrances to suit any mood.

By Hanan Haddad

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