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Luciano Bertinelli. Photo: Courtesy

When it comes to fragrances, we ladies rarely stick to just one for the rest of our lives. Women are complex, multi-layered beings and no one scent can truly capture every mood. Hence, we develop a fragrance wardrobe to fit certain occasions, as well as different chapters of our lives. Luciano Bertinelli, CEO of Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums, recognizes this and has decided to launch a mini collection of their popular Signorina fragrances.

The limited edition set comes with the classic Signorina, along with 3 of her flankers — the posh Eleganza, the dark Misteriosa and the exuberant in Fiore. The scents come in an adorable 20ml bottle that is so purse-friendly, allowing you to go from day-to-night in a snap. BAZAAR spoke with Luciano Bertinelli on this curated collection of minis and what’s ahead for Ferragamo Parfums.

Salvatore Ferragamo has such an extensive line of fragrances, why do you think Signorina is so popular and resonates with so many women?

The Signorina line is available for purchase as an individual fragrance or as a set: 4 different scents in a box. Because there are 4 different scents, you can find a suitable scent for different personalities, seasons and even occasions. It is also great for gifting thanks to the pretty packaging.

What is the concept behind the Signorina?

The Signorina captures the DNA of Ferragamo- a product made in Italy, created from quality ingredients and designed with the iconic Vera bow.

Of the four in this mini collection which is your favourite? Why?

I have 2 favourites, Signorina in Fiore and Signorina in Misteriosa. It represent two different kinds of woman. In Fiore means flowers, when you feel sweet, cute and romantic. Misteriosa is when you feel slightly more mysterious, like when you’re preparing to go to a party in the evening.

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signorina ferragamo
Photo: Courtesy

If you could recommend just one that would best fit the chic BAZAAR woman, which Signorina fragrance would it be?

Signorina in Fiore. I see a connection between Signorina in Fiore and the BAZAAR woman. To me, the BAZAAR woman is filled with life and energy, just like Signorina in Fiore.

Ferragamo has been making fragrances for decades. How do you think the fragrance industry has changed over the years?

Every year, there are about 600 new fragrances that are being launched. Imagine that! This means that there are 2 new fragrances launched everyday worldwide. It is an astronomical number that most can’t possibly digest.

There is a lot of demand for newness. 3 months after launching a new fragrance, customers will start asking, what is next, what is new? The fragrance industry is getting really crowded.

For Ferragamo, we prefer to set our own pace and fine tune the product before launching it to market. We took 2 years to develop Amo Ferragamo. Every time we launch a fragrance we hope it can become a classic for the next 5 to 10 years, just like the Signorina. We hope that Amo Ferragamo will also become a signature fragrance in our portfolio.

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Will there be new additions to the Signorina line? What can we look forward to from Ferragamo fragrances?

We will be launching Signorina in Fiore Fashion Edition in July, specially for Asia. The packaging is inspired by our ready to wear, and is very Asian-oriented.

In September, we will be launching UOMO Signature for men, a stronger fragrance compared to the UOMO that is currently in the market.

Many designer houses have launched a “niche” or “exclusive” line on top on their main fragrance offerings. Will Ferragamo be doing the same? What are your thoughts on this movement?

Niche brands and products have been gaining popularity in the last 5 to 7 years. Ferragamo will be launching a niche collection called Tuscan Creation with 11 high-end fragrances in July. The genderless fragrances are inspired by Tuscany, Florence, and is a very precious collection made of quality natural ingredents.

It is limited edition and very exclusive, and will only be available at the Ferragamo boutiques. Since Ferragamo’s core business is in leather goods, the cap will be made of leather. Personally, I am very proud of this collection.

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