There is nothing Lalisa Manobal cannot do. Besides being a member of Blackpink — one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world — she has also broken two Guinness World Records with her solo debut ‘Lalisa’ released on Sep 10.

Her first single broke the world record for the most viewed YouTube music video by a solo artist in 24 hours.

Besides her musical accomplishment, Lisa is also the first K-pop star to represent CELINE as a global ambassador. And now she’s lending her star power to the first CELINE haute parfumerie campaign.

In this BAZAAR exclusive, the starlet shares her thoughts on her role as CELINE’s perfume ambassador and the power of scent.

How do you see yourself now embodying the role of perfume ambassador?

As each CELINE perfume stands out individually and has its strong character, I also look forward to unveil the diverse side of myself with much confidence, as a CELINE perfume global ambassador. 

What do you remember most about shooting this campaign with Hedi Slimane?

When you imagine a perfume campaign, the physical product always appears in the shoot. However, Hedi portrayed the CELINE perfume only by capturing the space and me (as a model). How Hedi brought the idea of scent into a visual was already a remarkable experience. The shoot happened on a late summer day with strong sunshine, with a bit of wind, music and scent in the background. At that moment I perfectly melted into CELINE’s perfume. The scent from that day is ‘PARADE’ from the collection. 

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The CELINE haute parfumerie collection is composed around Hedi’s vivid olfactive journal. In what moments are you most aware of the scents around you?

That one memorable moment that I wish remain forever. There are some moments that are so memorable, that I even want to remember the scent from it. In such moments, the scent becomes more vivid and it leaves a deep imprint, as part of the memory. My first experience attending the CELINE show was one of them. I remember the venue to the lighting, and that first moment when the model starts walking down the runway with the music. It felt as if time has stopped; the senses and cells of my body awakened, and the music, light and the scent approached me intensely all at once.

Describe your recent scent memory — where, when and why it stayed in your mind?

It was while I was in Nice, France for this perfume campaign. I remember the sparkling lights at the beach, the cool breeze, and the scent of green grass — it felt like I was in paradise. Thinking back, the scent from that place gave me comfort. For me, Nice is a city of scent and breeze, and it made me fell in love with the city. 

In what ways, for you, are scents associated with emotions and feelings?

For me, a single drop of scent can make emotions and feelings become either more vivid or ambiguous. There are times when I want to be deeply immersed in my emotions, either from being depressed or excited. When I add scent into such moments, my emotions and feelings become stronger — I need fragrances to change my emotion and moods.

In what ways, for you, are scents nostalgic, conjuring up the past?

I think the best way to remember each passing moments is with scents. Even though the experience can be easily forgotten, but photos and scents linger for a long time. Sometimes I even spray the perfume I used on that day onto the photos I took, so that I can feel the happiness as if I were back in those days. 

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What connection do you have between your style and your scent? Do you wear different perfumes depending on your outfit?

When choosing perfume, the first thing I consider is whether the scent goes well with the look. Next, I take into consideration who I am going to meet that day. I would use a fresh citrus fragrance if I’m going on a brunch date with friends, wearing my favourite boxy jacket with denim pants. For dinners, I’d pick a woody scent. I believe there are different scents for different occasion. Which is why I was so happy to discover that CELINE’s perfume collection also has a recommendation, whether for day or night. 

When you wear perfume, is it about what you like to smell on your skin or the effect you think it may have on others?

I think that one’s scent do affect the impression you make. When I’m meeting someone for the first time, I do take extra care in picking out a fragrance. Sometimes, I don’t wearing fancy makeup or accessories, and instead pick an appropriate perfume, so as to leave a deep impression.

Which is your favourite perfume and candle in the CELINE haute parfumerie collection? How would you describe them?

My favourite would be ‘BLACK TIE’. When choosing a perfume, I tend to look at the bottle as well, and the scent that goes best with the CELINE’s perfume bottle is ‘BLACK TIE’. The smell of cedarwood and musk blend perfectly with CELINE’s looks as well. My favourite candle is ‘TAMBOUR NOIR’. One of my favourite places to be is in a vintage shop, and when I smell ‘TAMBOUR NOIR’ I feel like I’m in a vintage shop with luxurious leather jackets and belts hanging in the store. I can even imagine the sound of a guitar from the ’60s gently playing in the background. It makes my heart pound. 

Paris and the tradition of French parfumerie are ever-present in these collections. What are you scent impressions of Paris?

Whenever I visit Paris, the weather has always been a little chilly, they always reminds me of warm vanilla and musk.

Which of the perfumes will become your signatures?

If I have to pick one, it would be “Eau de Californie”, inspired by California nights during summer — it makes me want to us this for the rest of my life. On a midsummer night, when I use “Eau de Californie” on the sheets, or on the sofa, spending a leisure evening with my dogs and cats, it feels like I’m in heaven. How can you not love this perfume?