Marion Cotillard Dazzles As The New Face of Chanel N°5- Featured

Ahead of N°5’s centennial celebration in 2021, Chanel will be launching a new campaign featuring Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard.

The fragrance’s last French ambassador was Audrey Tautou in 2009 and “Returning to a French actress meant returning to a subconscious image of French femininity dear to the spirit of the House,” confides Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur – Chanel Head of Global Creative Resources Fragrance and Beauty. Recognised around the world for her talents and accomplishments as an actress, Marion Cotillard is a kind and radiant woman. A hopeless romantic. She is the inspiration, from A to Z, for this new N°5 campaign.

On her impression and memory of N°5

When asked about the most prestigious of French fragrances, Cotillard says, “I felt an instant connection with N°5. Its composition is full of mystery. N°5 is now considered a classic, but it has retained its originality. For that matter, that is what means to be an icon, the ability to stand the test of time. I therefore feel very lucky to help keep the story of this iconic fragrance alive. It is very powerful.”

On being the new face of N°5.

“It is like a dream come true, one that I may not have dared to imagine. I was very touched. It felt like a reunion. Early on in my career as an actress, I became a friend of Chanel House. It has accompanied me during some very pivotal and important moments in my career.”

On the storyline of the film

“I liked that it is a joyful love story. When the two characters begin to dance, two human forces unite. It is a lovely analogy for what we might feel when we are deeply in love. I find it quite beautiful to lead N°5 into this world.”

On the exquisite dress she wore

The dress that was worn in this film is as expected, meticulously designed and made to accommodate the actress’ movements as she performed the choreography. Virginie Viard immediately envisioned a gold dress in the shimmering colours of N°5. “It is a graceful gem that I was able to move in, dance in, run in. This dress represents movement and freedom. It is very Chanel!” explains Marion Cotillard.