Gigi Hadid Is The Newest Face Of Evian's Live Young Campaign
Photo: Evian

How did you get involved with Evian’s new campaign?

They approached my management—and I was just so excited when I found out Evian wanted me for a campaign. I was such a big fan of the campaign before I was even in it, when they featured other models and athletes.  Also, I grew up drinking Evian my whole life, and being a competitive athlete—so it was a no brainer to be apart of this fun campaign. Evian is something easy for me to talk about because I grew up with it—and my mom instilling the importance of staying hydrated, always having Evian water spray and water bottles. Those things have been a part of my every day life so it’s effortless.

Are you good about drinking your recommended amount of water every day?

I haven’t always good about drinking tons of water—but I’m getting better. My trick is to just bring a big bottle of water with me where ever I go. If it’s there, then you remind yourself that you have to finish the bottle.

You recently turned 21, did you drink a  lot of water the day after your party?

Well I was drinking a lot of water at the club, and then yes, a lot the next day as well [laughs]. Evian was a big part of my 21st birthday.

And how do you like your water? Still? Sparkling? Flavored?


Do you have any beauty products you’re obsessed with right now?

The stuff that I always have on me, and travel with, are usually my products to stay moisturized on the plane. If I’m traveling with products it’s usually not a bunch of makeup. I love Chanel Hydro Beauty  Lotion, I always have the small Evian spray with me, and Maybelline Matte Nude lipsticks are my go-to.  I also love the Dior Rose Lip Balm.

Are you one of those people that does the face mask on the plane?

I don’t do those because they make me like feel weird. I’d so much rather do water spray—like get it it over with in 10 seconds instead of scaring a bunch of people.

Now that you’ve been working with a stylist, do you think your approach to style has changed?

I think my style has always been casual chic. I always want to be comfortable and I think you can make comfort look cool.  I’m very lucky that athleisure is in style right now because I’m good at that. But besides that, even in a fancier look, I have to feel comfortable. I’m always wearing something that I feel fresh in and I don’t want something that I have to be adjusting. When that happens, you just look less comfortable, less confident. When you’re wearing something you don’t have to worry about then you just glow a little more.

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Do you have any fun summer travel plans lined up?

I’m working a lot. I’m not sure when my time off is. But honestly, as long as I’m with my friends or family and just relaxed I don’t need to plan much. I’m a lot more of a last minute person if I feel like going to the beach that day then I’ll just do it. My schedule is so hectic, that it’s almost less stressful to be like okay, if I have this day off, I’ll figure it out then.

What’s your approach to packing? Do you plan by outfits, or do you just bring as many options as you can?

For a work trip, I never bring more than a carry-on.  Naturally, I’m an over-packer, but now as an independent traveler, I’ve found it a lot easier to just have as little as possible. So for something like Fashion Week, I try and pack in outfits. It ends up being less clothing. If I throw in everything I think I’m going to wear it’s going to be a few bags. To keep it down to one, I usually just pack in outfits and pick two shoes that are going to work with every outfit.

What kind of shoes would those be?

I always have white sneakers, and black leather boots. And I’ll wear party dresses with my little boots.

Instagram or Snapchat? 

I think Instagram but I do love Snapchat if the filters are good. When it’s a good filter day.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US