All The Beauty Products You Need For A Lit-From-Within Glow

Skincare and makeup essentials designed to banish dullness and give you radiance

Ask any woman what’s her definition of beautiful skin and chances are, her response will be a bright and plump complexion. No matter there’s such a staggering amount of products available in the market to address dark spots and dullness, while promising clear and radiant skin. And while skincare takes about one skin cycle (around 28 days) to fully take effect, having a few tricks up your sleeves in the form of radiance-enhancing makeup can do the trick.

When shopping for brightening skincare, look out for ingredients that break up melanin clusters, accelerate skin renewal as well as improve circulation for a healthy glow. Ingredients like Vitamin C and AHAs are often found in brightening products as the former inhibits pigmentation and plumps the skin while the latter rids skin of accumulated debris.

As for makeup, look for products with a purple tint as it counters sallowness for an instant glow. And whether you prefer cream, liquid or powder highlighters, opt for those with a pearlised texture instead of shimmery flecks so that the product blends more seamlessly into skin for a natural effect.

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