We’re all guilty of stockpiling makeup, just some of us are better than others at organizing it all. But when testing, trying, and creating makeup is your entire job—your beauty collection can grow out of control. This is Beauty Stash, a new series in which celebrity makeup artists let us inside their homes to show off their personal beauty rooms. First up: Violette, who you might know as @Violette_Fr. Not only is she a celebrity makeup artist, tutorial wizard, and coolest woman we know, she’s also the Global Beauty Director for Estée Lauder. Her super-organized collection of makeup and French skincare will make you want to sprint to your nearest Container Store.

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Watch above as Violette walks BAZAAR’s Senior Beauty Editor Jenna Rosenstein through her newly-renovated Brooklyn home for a tour of her personal makeup, skin, and haircare collection, as well as her office where she keeps all the products she needs for photoshoots and tutorials. “Brooklyn for me is like a little Paris,” she says. Upstairs in her bathroom, which is flooded with natural light, Violette carved out a little corner for a custom-made makeup vanity (which she designed herself). It’s there that she keeps a super-edited collection of her everyday essentials: Estée Lauder foundation, Colourpop highlighter, an entire drawer full of eyeshadow sticks, and her first Lauder makeup collection called Poppy Sauvage. “If I have too much things I am going to forget about it, I’m not going to use it,” she notes.


Violette also designed the vanity by her sink, where she keeps what is essentially an entire French pharmacy full of skincare in the drawers below. “Skincare is like my foundation,” she says, meaning that when your take really great care of your skin, you’ll need less base makeup. Watch as Violette and Jenna pillage through each drawer, discovering some French skincare—and haircare!—secrets along the way.

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The tour wraps up in the basement, which is Violette’s office and creative workspace. On the wall-to-wall shelves are books for inspiration and giant glass vats full of colorful powder makeup pigments. “I didn’t have money to buy makeup when I started, I had this very small kit,” she reveals. “So I just bought pigments. I was doing my own lipstick and eyeshadow on set. That’s where I came from.”

The cabinets below hold all of Violette’s creative makeup and tools for photoshoots, ranging from bags of loose glitter to a turkey baster (or two) meant for blowing colorful pigments on to skin. There’s also an entire drawer full of puffy stickers—because in Violette’s world, makeup is the ultimate expression of fun.

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This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US