Best Thinning Hair Solution: The Sloane Clinic Hair Maximiser Program
$3,478 (for 12 sessions each of Revage 670 Laser and Revitascalp treatments)

Does your hair feel thinner each time you run your hand through it? No, you’re probably not imagining it. The truth is, the onset of ageing, hormonal imbalances and environmental aggressions can cause hair follicles to weaken, eventually resulting in hair loss.

Take matters into your own hands with an intensive, clinically proven hair loss programme. The Sloane Clinic’s Hair Maximiser Program is a unique combination of two synergistic treatments targeted at thickening weakened hair, stemming hair loss and encouraging new hair growth.

The Revage 670 Laser treatment utilises low-level laser technology to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. It stimulates dormant hair follicles into the active growth phase while encouraging cellular regeneration for thicker and more resilient hair shafts. Clinical studies have shown that the Revage 670 Laser treatment can increase hair density by 40 percent; clinical tests have also shown an impressive 85 percent success rate when it comes to halting the progression of hair loss. Best of all, the 30-minute treatment is painless and requires no downtime.

Next, the Revitascalp treatment works like a rejuvenating facial for your scalp. A curated selection of nutrients like vitamin B12, folic acid, protein-building amino acids and clinically proven hair growth compound Minoxidil, are infused into the scalp to help inhibit further hair loss.

No more distress over thinning hair. With The Sloane Clinic’s power-packed, intensive Hair Maximiser Program, you can get your mane back to its full glory in just six to 12 weeks.

Hair Maximiser Program is available at The Sloane Clinic, #03-14A ION Orchard. Tel: 6509 8108.



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