10 Waterfall Braid Hairstyles To Try This Summer

Don't go chasing waterfalls—but by all means, learn how to weave one of these waterfall braid hairstyles

Waterfall braids

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Wearing a waterfall braid is like having your hair both down and up at the same time—talk about an ideal hairstyle for hot summer days. Here, 10 different ways to weave, twist, and knot your way to the prettiest waterfall braid.



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Knots instead of a traditional braid on a very untraditional hair color.

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Lauren Conrad

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We like to imagine that this is how Lauren Conrad ‘s hair always looks: perfectly rumpled and whipped into some kind of whimsical braid.



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Actress Katherine McNamara wore this intricate, multi-waterfall braid style to the premiere of The Jungle Book.


Press Play? Try commenting "BOW" without getting interrupted ? It's impossible! ? By @ulyana.aster #Hairstyles

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An adorable alternative to a typical waterfall braid would be this quick how-to of a Bow version, by stylist, Ulyana Aster.

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4 strand waterfall into a 4 strand mermaid braid. Inspiration from @braidsbyjordan ??

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Next time you’re contemplating wearing your hair half-up, try this intricate style instead (or enlist the help of a friend). It’s like having two waterfall braids converge into one.



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Holographic hair calls for soft curls and a twisted half-up braid.


Next level waterfall braids – search for 'loop waterfall'to find the tutorial for this braid on www.hairromance.com xx

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A fresh take on the waterfall braid, featuring loops instead of a three-strand weave.


A pulled-through braid adds another dimension of texture to a basic half-up waterfall.

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This braid holds your hair back—just like a low ponytail—without the need of an elastic.


This cascading waterfall braid eventually falls into a rumpled side braid.

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