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Do you wake up in the morning, brush your hair, and marvel at how clean it has stayed after days of not washing? You can stop reading now. We’re here to address those of us not quite as blessed. If you’re finding your locks look lank and dull after just one day, you’re not alone, but you are able to rectify the problem without having to get in the shower at 6am every day – because let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have the time. Here are seven tricks for disguising dirty strands:

1. Bag a band

Try positioning a one-inch headband right against your hairline (not across your forehead, or you’ll look like you’re an extra from an 80s workout video). Twist the hair into a loose chignon, slip some pins into the base, and tuck some of the ends into the headband. It’s nothing life changing, but an easy way to hide grease whilst keeping the chic.

2. Stockpile Batiste

When this candy-striped can debuted in London in the 70s, it was an absolute hit. Still to this day, it is better at absorbing oil and refreshing hair than anything else, without making strands white or stiff. In fact, it was once said to be so popular that many models pinched it from the stylists backstage. Now’t the time to re-stock.

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3. Keep rinsing

You know how your hair looks shinier and generally needs less washing after a trip to the salon? That’s not just because of the blow-dry itself, it’s also because stylists are trained to rinse everything out of your hair thoroughly after shampooing. Otherwise, residue sticks to strands, making them dull much quicker. So, when washing, make sure you can almost hear your hair squeak after you rinse. Doing this will help your hair stay fresher for much, much longer. It’s a small tweak, but it works.

4. Try texturising dust

When grungy off-duty model hair doesn’t come naturally, stylists use this powder to get it: Davines This Is A Texturising Dust. It fixes that flat, lifeless feel when hair is a little dirty and instantly lifts with a blend of silica and acai oils.

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5. Ponytails always work

Greasy hair really comes into its own when creating slicked-back ponytails. Simply brush strands back and tie at the nape of the neck into a low ponytail with a clear elastic. Then remove a small chunk of hair from the tail, twirl it around the elastic and pin it on the underside. Et voila – who knew day-old hair could look so good?

6. Hairspray is friend, not foe

New hairspray formulas now get rid of flyaways (and general hair sins) without leaving a film. Look for an alcohol-free one (alcohol just creates frizz), then spray onto your hairbrush and run it through sections of hair twice: once from the roots to the ends and once from the middle to the ends. It will help to smooth the cuticle when hair is unwashed and also makes it look healthier and shinier as a result.

7. Treat yourself

Yes, this requires washing, but in the long term, a weekly scalp treatment makes a big difference. Why? It exfoliates your scalp, preventing grease and inflammation, meaning you’re less likely to reach for the shampoo and conditioner so regularly. Try Sachajuan’s Scalp Treatment packed with salicylic acid – it works to cleanse the hair follicle deeply – but if you’re pressed for time, a good old wash with Head & Shoulders is just as effective.

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This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR UK