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Best Purifying Treatment: DRx Trichology DRx Purifying Treatment
$202 for 60 minutes

The key to full and healthy hair is a scalp that is free of itchiness, inflammation and dandruff. Frequent styling and careless shampooing, however, can result in product build-up on the scalp, which can congest hair follicles and affect scalp health.

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Give your scalp a thorough deep-cleanse by turning to DRx’s Purifying Treatment. Beginning with an in-depth scalp analysis, a qualified therapist records your hair and scalp condition before deciding on a suitable serum. Next, a slew of DRx’s proprietary serums are massaged into the scalp to soften, loosen and lift the build-up of sebum, grime and dead skin cells. This is followed by the use of a special NanoMist apparatus, which helps boost the penetration of active ingredients into deep layers of the scalp and hair cuticles. The gentle heating from the NanoMist also further enhances the scalp’s absorption of these ingredients. After a deep-cleansing shampoo, hair follicles are purified and sebum production is balanced.

Your scalp is then treated to the Low Level Laser Therapy, a combination of low-level lasers that stimulates microcirculation to rejuvenate hair follicles and support fuller hair growth, making it suitable for those with thinning hair, oily scalps or dandruff. At the end of the treatment, your scalp will be purified and refreshed, paving the way for healthier hair growth.

DRx Purifying Treatment is available at DRx Trichology, #14-02/03 Tong Building, Tel: 6223 1555. Visit www.drx-group.com

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How To Make The Treatment Last

1. Use a suitable shampoo. Many shampoos for oily scalps contain ingredients that help regulate over-active sebum glands while providing moisture for optimal health

2. If you are prone to oiliness and breakouts on your face, chances are you also have an oily scalp. And just like how you’ll avoid rich facial moisturisers, be sure to avoid having nourishing hair products like conditioners and masks come in contact with your scalp.

3. Avoid foods that are processed, as these are often linked with excess sebum production for face and scalp. Instead, switch to a low-GI, low-sugar diet and make sure you get sufficient levels of vitamin B and zinc.

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By Joyce Cheo