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Best Waves: Apgujeong Hair Studio Mucota Omega Digital Perm

One look at the major fashion runways of the world and it’s easy to see that wavy curls are enjoying their time in the spotlight. From loose waves to au naturel curls, adding texture to pin-straight tresses can switch up your look, which explains why perms are becoming increasingly popular.

Regardless of whether you prefer big voluminous curls or natural waves, getting a perm means subjecting your locks to chemical compounds, many of which can damage hair cuticles and lead to frizz. This is why it is important to look for a comprehensive perm service that minimises hair damage and replenishes it with nourishing ingredients.

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Look no further than Apgujeong Hair Studio’s Mucota Omega Digital Perm. Headed by Korea-trained Chief Director Stylist, Kyle Shin, this is your go-to salon for the latest Korean hair trends, including soft and natural waves. Not your usual Korean-style digital perm, this gentle perm technique reduces heat damage and ensures even curls. It also includes the Omega Oil Therapy to keep hair soft, smooth and shiny. Replenishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, keratin and natural essential oils also protect hair from environmental assaults for bouncy, lush curls that are worthy of a Korean starlet.

Mucota Omega Digital Perm is available at all Apgujeong Hair Studio outlets. Visit www.apgujeonghair.com

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How To Make The Treatment Last

1. Maintain the shape of your perm with a curl-enhancing styling product

2. Never, ever brush out a perm—it will result in frizz and loosen the hold of the curls.

3. Apply an anti-humidity styling lotion or spray to prevent hair from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere, resulting in frizz and droopy curls.

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By Joyce Cheo