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Best Thinning Hair Solution

SW1 Clinic
Keramax Scalp Programme
$4,066 for 12 sessions of Revage 670 laser and 12 sessions of Revitascalp

There are many reasons why you might end up with thinning hair: Bad dietary habits, increased amounts of stress, genetics and even ageing can all play a part in hair loss.

The good news is that there’s help—state-of-the-art, aesthetically engineered help—thanks to SW1 Clinic’s Keramax Scalp Programme. This consists of two treatments: Revage 670 Laser and Revitascalp, which work synergistically to promote hair growth, while delivering increased nutrition for fuller, more luscious locks.

With the FDA-approved Revage 670 Laser treatment, the therapist “combs” your scalp with a charged device that’s as soft and gentle as a whisper. This stimulates blood flow at the scalp and hair follicle roots to encourage hair cellular and tissue regeneration for thicker and healthier hair growth, while strengthening existing locks at the same time. Revitascalp, on the other hand, is a scalp infusion-and-steam treatment that focuses on delivering hair-strengthening nutrients—vitamin B12, follic acid, protein-building amino acids and minoxidil—deep into the roots to intensely replenish and revitalise the scalp, preventing thinning hair and hair loss for the future.

Once you are done with SW1 Clinic’s Keramax Scalp Programme, flaunting your crowning glory will be oh-so-hard to resist.

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Points To Note

The entire programme consists of 12 sessions each of the Revage 670 Laser and Revitascalp treatments. People best suited for this programme include those with diffuse hair loss, thinning hair and general hair weakening. With the Revage 670 Laser, the initial therapeutic phase includes twice-weekly treatments for six weeks, followed by a treatment once a week for another four months. For Revitascalp, once a week sessions are encouraged for those with severe hair thinning, while mild to moderate cases can opt for a treatment once a fortnight. Don’t forget to maintain your new head of hair by keeping a balanced diet, avoiding harsh chemical treatments and tight up-dos that can pull and create tension on the hair and scalp. The Keramax Scalp Programme is suitable for both men and women.

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