Luxescalp Collagen Deep Moisturizing Mask

The scalp is essentially the root of healthy, beautiful hair. Isn’t it time we pay it more attention?

While similar to the skin structure on the face and body, the scalp has more lipid and sweat glands, so the chances of it getting dirty, clogged and sensitised are higher. Beyond that, the scalp also has a lower ability to self-replenish, and may sag or get drier as we age due to the body becoming less efficient in generating collagen—a protein that is key to maintaining elasticity and strength. Thus, the need for more thorough cleansing and nourishing solutions to neutralise the effects of ageing, for better hair growth and reduced hair fall.

Luxescalp Collagen Deep Moisturizing Mask

While adding collagen to our diet through food and supplements is a maintenance option we can opt for, the right hair product and treatment can also make all the difference. Try the Collagen Deep Moisturizing Mask Treatment developed by home grown trichologist-founded brand, Luxescalp. This targeted three step treatment delivers a much-needed boost of hydrolysed collagen that’s been broken down to aid absorption, as well as a rich dose of amino acids to improve scalp elasticity and balance pH levels.

Luxescalp Collagen Deep Moisturizing Mask

This treatment also nourishes and pampers with rich-in-protein royal jelly, providing a moisturising, anti ageing treat while in turn helping to stimulate natural regenerative systems. Think of it as a facial for your scalp—one that will give you a headful of healthy, soft and shiny tresses.


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