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Coachella is happening this weekend! Besides being a massive music festival, bringing in talents in the caliber of Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar, it’s also a place to see and be seen. Music Festivals are the perfect locations for people to dress as wild and bohemian as they please. It’s where people go ham on their makeup. Festival makeup isn’t about the perfect smokey eye or cut-crease (though if that’s what you were planning to do, by all means). It’s about creativity, fun and the one time that you can un-apologetically douse yourself in glitter and wear every colour of the rainbow on your face.

Though they might look intricate, these festival looks are actually really simple to recreate. All you need are the right tools and a clear vision of your makeup masterpiece and you’ll come out looking like a magical bohemian unicorn. Here are some festival beauty looks to refer to for inspiration:

1. Go Nuts With Colour

If you’re looking for the one excuse to pull out that electric blue eyeshadow you impulse bought a couple months back, THIS is the time. But why stop at one shadow? Pull out greens, yellows and oranges! That molten red eyeliner you shoved at the back of the makeup drawer? Time to dust it off and work it into your look. Festivals celebrate colour so you can opt for a monochromatic look in your favourite hue like this one in orange and gold…

Or you can go balls to the wall and have the whole rainbow on your eyelid. Our tip would be to use eyeshadows that are easy to blend so that each colour blends seamlessly into the next. Don’t worry about buying an entire eyeshadow palette of neons just to use it once. Opt for inexpensive shadows that you can buy a few colours without feeling guilty. Also, lay down a white primer base so that the shadows stick and pop.

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2. Bathe Yourself In Glitter

One thing that is a must-have for all festival occasions is glitter. Lots of it! Everywhere! Glitter is the simplest way to take your ordinary makeup look to the next level. The new trend you’ll be seeing is ‘glitter highlight’. It’s a cool way to use chunky glitter in order to look like an ethereal goddess. Opt for a lighter base that won’t melt under the sun’s heat and keep everything else pretty natural. Then, use cosmetic glue to place individual specks of glitter on the tops of the cheekbone in a haphazard manner.

Use glitter of any colour but the crowd favourite seems to be gold, because who doesn’t want to look like a glowing bronze goddess? The key to this look is to keep the rest of the face parred down so that the glitter truly catches attention.

3. Rainbow Freckles

This is a cool look that is incredibly simple to do, using just a couple of coloured eyeliners. Dot every colour you own to create a smattering of rainbow freckles that match your colourful eyeliner. Coloured freckles can be paired with any look from super heavy looks to au naturel ones.

4. Painted Florals

For those with a knack for drawing and art, try using white face paint and draw some delicate flowers at the perimeters to frame your face. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but it lends itself a soft, effortless femininity that is perfect when paired with a white or floral outfit. Be sure to keep the rest of your makeup very natural and barely there so that it doesn’t take attention away from the flowers.

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5. Glow To The Gods

Glow in the dark makeup is great if you are partying all night. Try drawing on tribal designs using UV pigments and paints. The best part is that you don’t have to precise at all. It’s just about having fun. You can douse your whole body in UV paint and resemble an extraterrestrial if you want. An added benefit to this look is that you will be easily identifiable in a large crowd, which is essential if you are partying in a large group.

6. Tribal Vibes

Tribal designs are staples at music festivals. There is something about geometric shapes and dots that go so well with bohemian clothing. Perhaps it’s the Pocahontas vibes. They are super easy to do and you can use any makeup item you have on hand, such as gel liners, kohl pencils or face paint if you happen to have some. Form patterns on the face using dots or paint on symmetrical geometric shapes. You can also use rhinestones and bindis to create these patterns, à la Gigi Hadid.

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7. Flower Crowns (duh!)

I mean, is it REALLY Coachella if flower crowns aren’t involved in your outfit? Become a Snapchat filter personified by making and wearing a flower crown. This one is particularly great for people who aren’t as adventurous when it comes to makeup, but would like to do something different for the occasion. Be it a full on bloom or a more understated crown, whatever the size, we suggest matching your lippie to your crown. A bold lip with a barely there eye look pairs beautifully with a full head of florals.

By Hanan Haddad