7 Brilliant Shades To Try For Holiday Hair - Featured image

These days, with everyone’s faces hidden behind a mask, standing out in a crowd can be challenging. For a quick and easy way around this — and to rock a new look — give your glossy mane an update with Shiseido Professional’s Face Line Color.

The versatile and edgy hair colour technique incorporates cutting-edge skincare technology from years of the Japanese cosmetic company’s research and in-depth knowledge of Asian hair and skin.

Face Line Color highlights your face by framing it with vibrant colours; triangular sections on both sides of your hair parting are pre-lightened to add contrast to darker parts of your head.

It is part of Shiseido Professional’s Beauty Stream A/W 2020 campaign featuring a Brave Elegance theme to inspire self-confidence amidst our challenging times. Choose from seven inspiring and unique hues which can help bring out the best of your facial features and overall look – with or without a mask!

Discover them with Shiseido Professional’s Color Mirror featuring augmented reality to help you visualise your look in real-time at home; at this website or your nearest Shiseido Professional partner salon. Here is a sneak peek.

Caramel Enchantment

Soften strong jawlines and enhance your skin tone with a light lavender hue; the dewy shade goes well with warm caramel to boost radiance and confidence as you step out of the house. TIP: Go a step further and top off the sassy look with shiny, soft waves.

By Justin Javier Tan, Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Secret Orange

7 Brilliant Shades To Try For Holiday Hair - Featured image

Achieve a bronzy glow — sans makeup — to light up the contours of your face with an orange- brown ombré around the neckline. The look complements a feminine bob; curl the ends outwards to give it more sass and relaxed volume.

By Tomotaka Sakagari, SHEA (Tokyo)

Green Symphony

This unique jewel tone is designed to create a harmonious balance by accentuating your eyes, forehead and cheekbones. Complete the look by adding soft touches of loose, wispy curls.

By Linus Loh, Geranium Salon

Sunflower Yellow

Stand out with this vibrant hue, which starts at the crown and ends at the neckline. The warm combo of yellow and orange will match sunny personalities, and blend gorgeously against a warm brown base. Perfect for adding depth and contrast to long hairdos.

By Kevin Neo, PRIX Salon

Flash Blonde

Bring out the surfer girl in you with this bold shade of pale. Go for an ash gray gradation, then add white ash highlights around the face. The stark contrast draws attention to your features while adding doses of fun and glamour. For elegant movement to your do, layer the ends of your locks.

By Shigeru Tsukamoto, Midori Taniguchi, K-two (Tokyo)

Lilac Shadow

Besides highlights, Face Line Color works with lowlights too. The subtle yet sophisticated effect of dark Lilac Shadow lies in how it frames the sides of your face with a contrasting light ash brown base, creating an illusion of more hair volume at the crown. The gorgeous colour accentuates your features, and also enhances your eye makeup.

By Kason Kiu, M Plus Salon

Brave Pink

Embrace your adventurous spirit – and take on the world with this spunky option. The soft hues of yellow-orange lend dimension to the highlights on the chestnut base colour beautifully, and brightens your face. Layered manes, in particular, will be suitable; the colours will enhance hair texture for a more voluminous and bold look.

By Ken Chong, Maison Hair Salon

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