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For An Immaculate Manicure: Unistellaย 

Founded by celebrity manicurist Park Eunkyung, Unistella is one of the cities most popular manicure spots. Known for its fashion-forward and editorially sought after nail art, be sure to book an appointment the next time you’re in Seoul for the ultimate Instagram-worthy manicure. Alternatively, a quick scroll through the nail salon’s Instagram account, @unistella_by_ek_lab, will give you countless inspirations for your next manicure appointment.

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For Instantly Glowing Skin: Sulwhasoo Flagship Spa

Regardless of whether you’re already a fan or new to the luxury Korean brand, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the Intense Ginseng Journey (about $300 for 90 minutes). Designed to deliver energy to the skin with the invigorating properties of Korean ginseng, this pampering treatment also incorporates unique facial massage techniques using a jade applicator to improve circulation and lift facial contours for a firmer, brighter mien.

The Sulwhasoo Spa at the Sulwhasoo Flagship Store

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For A Korean Celeb-Worthy ‘Do: Jenny House

Located in the posh Cheongdam-dong, Jenny House is the go-to salon for many of Korean’s A-listers, including Song Ji Hyo and Lee Young-Eun. With a glam team that regularly works on editorial shoots and Korean drama, you can count on experts at Jenny House to get you tressed to perfection. Plus, you will probably catch a glimpse of your favourite star!

For An Indulgent Urban Retreat: Park Hyatt Seoulย 

Referencing age-old Korean massage techniques, the Korean Balance massage (about $250 for 60 minutes), is devised to re-energise and recharge weary bodies. Using a combination of palm and elbow movements, this treatment relieves chronic aches and tension as it irons out knots in your muscles so you emerge feeling absolutely renewed.

What better way to unwind from a hectic week of shows than having a good night’s rest? Check into the well-appointed rooms and suites at Park Hyatt Seoul and be guaranteed a luxurious stay from the moment you enter its premises. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the upscale Gangnam neighbourhood, you’ll be treated to amazing views of the city and also be at a stone’s throw away from high-end fashion boutiques.

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