Jennifer Lopez Lip Gloss Manicure

Photo: Image Courtesy of Tom Bachik / Jennifer Lopez

With so many emerging nail trends already taking off in 2023, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track. But thanks to the viral power of TikTok, we’ve singled out one in particular that’s not only easy to replicate, but has also been spotted on the red carpet: lip gloss nails.

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A cousin to supermodel Hailey Bieber’s viral glazed donut nails, this popular manicure style also features a shiny, nude base, which channels the look of your favorite lip gloss. Actress Jennifer Lopez recently wore a slightly more elevated lip gloss manicure at the premiere of her new film Shotgun Wedding, outlined with silver reflective glitter by her nail artist Tom Bachik.

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Thankfully, for J.Lo and beauty fans alike, Bachik shared his step-by-step design process in creating the signature yet timeless manicure look on his Instagram page. Read on for everything you need to test out the red carpet ready look at home.


  1. Prep is key to a longer lasting manicure! I started first by giving Jen a meticulous mani with my Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set by Tweezerman.
  2. Then I applied the Apres Nails Gel-X Maisie Tips in a natural medium stiletto, and softened the shape a bit.
  3. Next, I custom mixed the perfect lip gloss color just for Mrs. Affleck: A semi-sheer, high gloss nude playing off her skin tone (shop similar options here and here).
  4. Finishing up, we used a super sparkly reflective gel glitter lining (shop a similar option here).

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Lopez’s sparkly lip gloss manicure was the perfect pairing for her glamorous and glitter-covered sheer gown at the premiere, which was punctuated with a number of eye-catching diamond rings and sleek updo. One of our favorite parts about the star’s stunning manicure look? Not only is it simple enough for even the most novice nail art lover to do, but also perfect for just about any occasion—from red carpet appearances and weddings to everything in between.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.