Lana Del Rey Shows Us A Mindblowing One-Product Routine

Much to our surprise, it's with an eyebrow pencil!

Lana Del Rey

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We all know and appreciate Lana Del Rey‘s retro beauty, reminiscent of the 50s. It’s all about lashes, beauty marks and full lips. Until recently, Lana has never talked about or even mentioned her makeup routine. Early this month, Lana posted a casual video of her doing her makeup (whilst whistling to John Lennon) on her Instagram, and we were mesmerized.

morning makeup to the beatles

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Lana puts an unexpected twist to a ‘One Product Routine’. Finally, we can take a look at how she perfects her already perfect brows. She appears to be using the cult Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (though we’re sure any micro brow pencil can achieve a similar look) and filling her brows using hair-like strokes. She makes sure to brush through her brows with the spoolie attached in order to remove excess product.

After which she moves on to the rest of her face, using the same brow pencil to turn her tiny (minuscule, really) blemishes into freckles and beauty marks. It’s the oldest trick in the book, particularly effective when you have a raised bump. Beauty marks are uber glamorous and definitely vibe with Lana’s retro aesthetics.

Just when we think she’s done, Lana shocks again by moving to line her lower lashes with the same brow pencil. She draws a faint line, slightly below her lower lash line and smudging it; A trick Marilyn Monroe famously used to create the illusion of full, sultry lashes. It’s a classic Hollywood trick to emphasize the fullness of one’s lashes. This trick make it seem as if her lashes are so long and heavy that they cast an actual shadow on her face, as seen below.

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Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe

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Hopefully, Lana will do more of these “Get ready with me” types of Instagram videos because we simply can’t get enough!

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By Hanan Haddad 

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