Slicked-back hair is back according to the Chanel couture show
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As the models burst onto the runway for the Chanel spring/summer 2020 couture show, so too did a recurring trend you may or may not be happy to see return—slicked-back hair.

Luckily, the wet-look style seen on Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid and the rest of the model army, was given a subtle upgrade by the hairstylist Sam McKnight backstage, which hopefully will make it a little easier to wear off the runway.

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Depending on the length of their hair, the models were either given a sharp high-shine look that was completely scrapped off their faces (both Gerber and Hadid received this treatment), or a slicked-back style that was made less severe by a gentle wave through the lengths.

It was this second look that will update your opinion on wet-look hair for good.

While the front, as you might expect for a slicked-back style, was kept flat to the model’s head, through the use of a far right-hand side parting and a careful tuck behind both ears, there was much more movement at the back, with what we expect was plenty of Sam McKnight’s Cool Girl Texture Mist used to encourage flyaways.

The two-textured approach helped the style from falling into the awkward ‘greasy hair’ bracket that has long troubled anyone attempting the tricky wet-look hair trend.

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This article originally appeared on Harper’s Bazaar UK