The Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2022
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Of all the beauty trends, nails are arguably the most fun to play with. And 2022 is proving to be no exception: From 2000s-era nail art to Pantone-approved nail polish, it’s going to be a well-manicured year to look forward to. We rounded up seven mani trends to be on the lookout for—and because we see no reason to wait, we’re shopping out some products to help get the looks right away.

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1. 3D Details

From hoops to chunky jewels, nail art is popping off—literally. It may not be the most practical trend of 2022, but it sure makes a statement.

2. Mix and Match

Wearing different looks on each nail is having a major moment, whether it’s different polishes, French mani colours, or full-on nail art.

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3. Very Peri

When Pantone announced its 2022 colour of the year, a dreamy blue-toned periwinkle, it was instantly evident that it would be the It nail colour.

The Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2022

4. Get the Look

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Lacey Lilac

This polish from Sally Hansen is a near-perfect match for the of-the-moment shade.

The Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2022

5. All the DIY

Since the pandemic, nail stickers, press-ons, and wraps have boomed—and the category is only growing. Even celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik (who works with Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez) has a line, pictured here.

The Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2022

6. Matching Manis

Machine Gun Kelly—who recently launched his own nail polish line, UN/DN—has recently been coordinating nail looks with girlfriend Megan Fox (to whom he is chained, here) and his daughter Casie. Expect to see more twinning tips, especially as male celebs continue to embrace the mani.

The Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2022

7. Get the Look

Pleasing The Perfect Polish Set

Harry Styles’ new beauty line, Pleasing, contains a quartet of nail polishes including a pearly white, black, pink, and iridescent top coat. And yes, girlfriend Olivia Wilde has been known to wear the brand’s goods.

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8. Shades of Green

Another colour going strong into 2022? Verdant, refreshing green.

The Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2022

9. Get the Look

ÀUDA.B Vegan Nail Polish in Rich Boss Lady

Hunter green is both unexpected and understated, and can usually pass as a “fun” colour in professional environments.

10. Y2K Motifs

As the 2000s resurgence carries on, so too does the return nail nostalgia. Flowers, smiley faces, mushrooms—if it would have been on a T-shirt at Gadzooks circa the new millennium, you can find it on your nails.

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The Nail Trends To Look Out For In 2022

11. Get the Look

Deco Miami Nail Art Sticker Sheet

From butterflies to gummy bears, these fun little nail stickers have everything and require exactly zero effort.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.