Photo: Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski for the December 2009 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR UK

As we wait for Victoria Beckham’s latest Estée Lauder collection to land, the fashion designer has been opening up about what goes into creating her make-up line and how she wants it to make people feel.

“I like to wear-test everything,’ she told Stella Magazine. “Last night, I went home and was talking to David and he said, ‘You’ve got a lot of make-up on.’ I test everything and keep removing, reapplying and layering it.”

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As well as explaining that she tests all the products herself, Beckham talked about the reasons behind creating her own beauty line, in that she wants to make other woman feel powerful and create something different. She said the idea came to her after walking through duty-free one day and finding that all the make-up looked the same.

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“For me it’s not about copying what everyone else is doing, it’s about creating make-up that women feel proud to own,” she said. “Ultimately it’s about empowering women.”

Perhaps referring to the possibility of expanding her beauty line into fragrance or skincare, Beckham added that she doesn’t want to rush anything, it has to be done right.

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“Sometimes things take longer in development, so they might not be here right now, but we really try to push the boundaries and do something different. I’m not trying to be anyone else. I’m just doing what I want to do and giving women what I think they genuinely want.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK