Hair Awards 2016: Top 17 Ways To Nourish For Dry Hair

Even if you were not born with dry hair, there are still many factors that can contribute to you ending up with coarse, unruly locks. Regular heat styling using blow dryers or flat irons, for example, can exacerbate the problem, so use a heat-styling serum that forms a cocoon over hair strands to prevent any damage. Similarly, washing your hair too frequently or using a shampoo that’s too harsh can strip your hair and scalp of natural oils. If you’re unable to reduce the frequency of shampooing, replenish lost moisture and nutrients with a lightweight conditioner, especially if you have long hair. If conditioners and hair masks are too much of a hassle, try hair oils or leave-in treatments that help repair and moisturise dry tresses as you go about your day. Just be sure to avoid applying nourishing products on the scalp as they could clog up hair follicles.

At the Salon

Best Damaged Hair Treatment
Olaplex Hair Restoration, $120, PREP Luxe
This revolutionary treatment restores strength and elasticity by re-linking broken bonds within the hair structure. A signature PREP blowout completes the session. Visit
Best Anti-Breakage Treatment
Cureplex Treatment, from $138, Bottega Salon
Perfect for those with fine and brittle hair, this three-step treatment forms new bonds while strengthening existing ones, so hair becomes snap-proof even after harsh chemical processes. Visit
Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment
Follizin Age Freeze Scalp Facial, from $130, Glamour Studio
This scalp facial follows the essential steps of deep cleansing, mask, and customised mix of essences to purify and stimulate the scalp while conditioning and strengthening hair. Call 6297 7377
Most Decadent Hair Repair Service
Intense Hydrating Hair Therapy, $348 for 130 minutes, PHS Hair Science
Botanical extracts and plant oils are used to rehydrate parched ends, smooth cuticles and improve hair elasticity and glossiness. The deeply relaxing shoulder massage and top-notch service are a welcome bonus. Visit


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