Taylor Hill at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 in Shanghai

Standing at 1.78m, with flawless skin, enviable features and luscious locks, it is impossible for Taylor Hill to blend in, even in a sea of genetically-blessed models. No wonder the 21-year-old is the face of Lancôme and the youngest Victoria’s Secret angel. And with over 9 million followers on Instagram, the star of the Illinois native has never been brighter. But beneath all that, Taylor Hill indulges in carbs and loves reality TV—just like the rest of us. Read on to find out more about her, from her fitness regime to her favourite Disney movie.

  1. On her go-to workouts…
    “I do mainly light weight-lifting and squats when I’m in the gym. My favourite place is Dogpound in NYC. But I also do some yoga, pilates and crossfit. It’s important to switch things up so that your body doesn’t get too used to anything.”
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On her diet…
“I actually don’t stick to any diets, but I eat everything in moderation. Plus, exercising regularly is very important.”

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Got to be a tourist for a little 🇫🇷

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On her favourite food to eat when she travels…
“When I’m in Paris, I always have Japanese udon. And pizzas in New York. I also love spaghetti, and basically everything when I’m in Italy.”

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On the best beauty tips she’s ever received…
“It is to heat the eye lash curler with a hair dryer before you curl your lashes. And since my mom is a hairdresses, I’ve learnt from a young age that it is very important to condition my hair with a hair mask because of all the heat-styling I do.”

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Friday featuring Tate's butt

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On the first thing she does everyday…
“I’m not usually a morning person, and I’m usually the happiest in the afternoons. So to make myself feel awake, I splash cold water on my face when I get up.”

On her morning routine…
“After washing my face with a cleanser, I use the Energie de Vie toner and follow with the Milky Lotion in the morning. At night, I’ll use the sleeping mask from the range instead. Makeup-wise, I really just keep to my three essentials: mascara, concealer and lip balm, and I’m ready to head out.”

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Peace out America heading to China ✌️

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On her inflight travel essentials…
“I love the Advanced Genefique Sensitive Dual Concentrate because it refreshes my skin and keeps it hydrated even though it is super lightweight. I also always carry hand sanitiser with me.”