Emily Ratajkowski's gorgeous skin is #skingoals. Photo: Getty
Emily Ratajkowski’s gorgeous skin is #skingoals. Photo: Getty

“Kick back and relax” should be everyone’s mantra for weekends after a long week at work. And the best way to get in the mood is with a luxurious at-home spa treat to give yourself a pat on the back for pulling through the days.

How do we do that? BAZAAR has streamlined the secret to calming our frazzled nerves, pampering ourselves lavishly, and getting gorgeous glowing skin while we’re at it when the weekend hits with these simple shower time routine and carefully-curated BAZAAR-approved bath & body products.

Trust us, when you’ve reached a state of serenity and achieved that million-dollar glow à la Emily Ratajkowski (there must be a reason why she loves baring her body… Her skin is awesome!), you’ll be looking forward to #treatyourself every weekend with at-home spa nights even more now.

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1) Set The Mood With A Lush Mood-Enhancing Room Fragrance

2) Cleanse With A Rich Body Wash

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3) Exfoliate With A Gentle, Glow-Enhancing Body Scrub

4) Treat With An Indulgent Body Oil

5) Nourish With A Decadent Body Moisturiser

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