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Some things in life are so unfair, like the fact a diet heavily consisting of mac and cheese will cause you to put on weight, despite the fact it tastes delicious.

It’s not just mac and cheese, to be fair. Any white, or simple, carb – white bread, pasta, or rice for example – is more likely to cause an increase in weight because the body breaks it down into glucose quickly, which causes a spike in blood sugar and often leaves you feeling hungry so you’re more likely to eat more in the long run.

Complex carbs – oats, brown rice, brown pasta, sweet potatoes etc – contain high levels of fibre which makes them a useful aid to weight loss because the body takes longer to digest them, meaning you’ll be left feeling fuller for longer. But some people just don’t like the tasteof a sweet potato in comparison to a normal one, and they’d rather not have pasta at all than eat wholemeal pasta.

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So what can you do if you’re one of those complex carb hating folk? Thankfully, registered dietician and author of Women’s Health’s The Body Clock Diet book, Laura Cipullo, has an answer.

In her book, she suggests pairing white, refined carbs with healthy proteins and fats so that you reduce the glycemic load. By eating the likes of salmon or turkey – both healthy, lean proteins – along with white pasta, your body will focus more on absorbing the nutrients from the protein than it is in turning the refined carbs into sugar right away, which breaks the unhealthy cycle.

It’s a clever way to play the system, and we’re going to try it asap.

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