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Yoga came to our shores more than 20 years ago. But unlike some workout trends, yoga never went away — in fact, it has become a lifestyle for many here. Every session is a promise that you’ll step out of the practice feeling like a brand new person. And of course if you aspire to achieve lean, lithe limbs akin to Victoria’s Secret supermodels like Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, and Behati Prinsloo (these are just some of the fine and fabulous yogis we look up to), then perhaps getting onto the mat to open up tight muscles and tone up the flab might just set you on your way.

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Whether you’re new to the activity or an expert, yoga has its benefits that include finding mental calmness, improved flexibility, and even weight loss. And that’s where learning the ropes in studios come in — to ensure that you’re doing yoga the right way under the supervision of an expert.

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Below, BAZAAR has listed the top yoga places to visit in Singapore if you’re looking for a place to practise something as simple as a good stretch or even holding a minute-long headstand. Whatever it is, you’ll be sure that you’ll emerge well-stretched and glowing with good health.

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Freedom Yoga

If you’re working in the CBD and suffering from tight muscles due to long hours of office work, Freedom Yoga’s location at the heart of the area makes it all the more convenient for you to stretch it out and breathe. Dance-inspired Flo-ga, heart-pumping Freedom Blaze, and mind-balancing Time Out (Yin) practices are some of the offerings from Freedom Yoga’s repertoire of classes.

For more information, please visit Freedom Yoga’s website.

Yoga Lab

While some are good with standard yoga practice of choice, Yoga Lab offers three science-inspired segments – “Biology”, “Chemistry” and “Physics” depending on what you seek. “Biology” includes four different choices that target physical wellness, while “Physics” includes four different choices that address posture and poses. “Chemistry” is where patrons get to combine two classes of choice to get to where you need to be in your yoga practice.

For more information, please visit Yoga Lab’s website.

Sweatbox Yoga

This yoga school is located at three locations in Singapore: One in Bukit Times where the spacious studios overlook the lush greenery of nature, while the other two are situated right in the heart of Singapore — Orchard Road and Tanjong Pagar.

Sweatbox Yoga has a more than 20 varieties of yoga for you to choose from, whether its hot and regular yoga, kids yoga, prenatal yoga, or post-natal yoga.

More importantly, all the yoga teachers are certified instructors with approval from international organisations. In fact, Sweatbox Yoga is  certified by the World Yoga Alliance, under Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) as a proven education provider

For more information, visit its website 

Yoga Movement

Probably one of the OGs of Singapore’s yoga scene, this studio has flourished left, right and centre proving that the classes are fun without compromising on reaping the true benefits of a yoga practice.

For more information, please visit Yoga Movement’s website.

COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

At COMO Shambhala, yoga classes vary from basic to advanced and offers specialty classes for kids and even back care yoga for those with back issues — especially desk-bound office patrons in need of a good stretch. The luxurious and minimalistic studio settings also bring about a sense of peace and zen, aiding in focus and allowing practitioners to delve deeper into their lessons.

For more information, please visit COMO Shambhala’s website.

Pure Yoga

Probably one of yoga’s largest franchises in the Singapore scene, Pure Yoga offers caters to everyone with their variety of classes. While basic classes cater to beginners and those who want to perfect their basic practices, dynamic ones like Wall Rope yoga, aerial yoga and even dance yoga classes ensure that not only will you be well-stretched and energized, but you will also be taking your practices to another level.

For more information, please visit Pure Yoga’s website.