Photo: Instagram (@yogainstiinct)
Photo: Instagram (@yogainstiinct)

First it was the downward dog. Then it was the half-moon pose. Then it was the crow pose.

Where yoga is concerned, you’ve gone from basic to advance after many arduous years of practice. But what’s next when you feel that it has all plateaued?

Add a little kick to your practice, why don’t you? BAZAAR checks out these interesting yoga-hybrids at the coolest yoga spots in sunny Singapore to up your yoga game. Sometimes, a little boost is all you need to breathe new life into your asanas!

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1. Acro Yoga at Yoga Instiinct

Why do yoga solo when you can do it in pairs? But it’s not just any basic yoga pair work we’re talking about here. Acro yoga combines yoga elements with acobatic movements, creating beautiful shapes with every pose. It all looks amazing in photos — but the process is a beautiful challenge that involves engaging core strength, coordination, open communication and focus to achieve that. The result? Toned limbs, a stronger core, improved balance and hopefully new friendships!

For more information, please visit Yoga Instiinct’s website here

2. Aerial Yoga at Platinum Yoga

Also known as “elevated yoga”, “flying yoga” or “anti-gravity yoga”, aerial yoga pushes your yoga practice by having you hold an asana whilst suspended in the air. Balancing in the air only means that core strength is fully engaged so expect tighter abs, a perkier bum, and leaner limbs as a result.

For more information, please visit Platinum Yoga’s website here

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3. Flo-ga at Freedom Yoga

When you have a little too much energy but you still want to do your yoga practice, Flo-ga at Freedom Yoga is the answer. Melding upbeat dance moves with yoga poses, you’ll get to reap the core-strengthening benefits of yoga with heart-pumping dance moves to get you fit and fab after each class.

For more information, please visit Freedom Yoga’s website here

4. Triple Threat Bootcamp at The Yoga Co.

This dynamic practice is a clever amalgamation of yoga with fat-burning calisthenics and pulse-raising HIIT. Keep this going and you will observe a lifted and more sculpted physique in the long run.

For more information, please visit The Yoga Co.’s website here

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