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There are two types of people: the fitness junkies who love sweating it out and hitting those weights, and those who simply equate exercise with death. If you belong to the latter category, or if traditional workouts are starting to get dull for you, we’ve got your back. Fitness is getting more inventive and unconventional; most of them are just a matter of combining your favorite hobbies and some high energy fun into a fitness routine. You’ll be surprised how some of these workout alternatives are way more effective than the old-school running and gym exercises.

So in the spirit of the New Year and hitting refresh on the fitness goals that you didn’t manage to tick off your list last year, we show you several out-of-the-box ways to stay fit and nail that banging bod you’ve always wanted.

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Just as it sounds, this activity will literally have you spinning on a stationary bike in the swimming pool. For anyone who takes pleasure in being around water or in the pool, this water-based workout might just be the thing for you. The water movement protects your muscle and joints from over-straining and helps to condition and tone your core muscles at the same time, which makes for a perfect full body workout. What’s even better: You’ll be burning three times more calories than land exercises. Like what you see so far? Here comes a major win – you won’t have to suffer the curse of sore muscles at the end of the workout. Whoever said no pain no gain?

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Surfboard Yoga

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    Photo: Sup Yoga Singapore

The only thing better than regular yoga workout and the aerobic benefits that come with it, is yoga at the beach. Take your downward dog out for some earth-bound fun. Surfboard Yoga is not just a change of location. It also substitutes your mat for a feel on the paddleboard rocking lightly to the gentle current of the waves. This activity focuses on flexibility, balance and aerobic fat burning and is made for challenge seekers. Even for people who have zero experience with yoga, all you need is an adventurous spirit. No excuses now!

Trapeze Classes

Why run when you can fly? Flying trapeze workouts are soaring in reputation and popularity in Singapore. This whimsical workout activity uses materials like ropes, hoops and silk, and various aerial artistry and actions to work your muscle strength and flexibility. Not to be intimidated by the looks of it though – there are many classes ranging from beginners to advance levels for anyone to join – you may find yourself enjoying the thrilling and fulfilling experience. For all the adrenaline junkies out there, this might be it for you to say goodbye to fitness plateaus forever!

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Get your groove on to the beats of salsa, flamenco and Merengue music. This is a high energy workout set up with blasting music and numbers that match that of a night club. It also emphasizes a lot on finding your own rhythm; you don’t have to be a professional dancer to sign up for the class.You will find yourself working out a sweat in no time with the heavy interval routine. 60 minutes of a Zumba workout will burn almost 400 calories, which is more than regular cardio exercises. The best part? It’s going to feel more like a dance party than an actual workout. Makes for a fun and healthy activity to go with your friend too!

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has branched out and is recognised as a performing art and great fitness workout. It’s pretty legit: This fitness-dance routine requires a great amount of core and upper body strength. It focuses on conditioning your body for acrobatic flexibility and elevating your fitness level on a pole, and you’ll be dancing on a seven-inch platform, no less. If this doesn’t sound interesting enough to you yet, maybe giving it a try will change your mind.