women new year's resolutions
Photo: Courtesy of Erika Bloom

You got the workout gear you wanted for Christmas, along with a new pair of sneakers and a gym membership that you may or may not have just gifted yourself. You seem well-equipped to take on the new year, but are you still worried about keeping your 2016 resolutions? You are not alone.

Refinery29 polled 1,000 women to find out the truth about New Year’s resolution habits. To start, the top categories for resolutions are, in order: health, weight and money. However, among millennial women, money comes before weight on that list. And according to the research, 64 percent of the people who hate making resolutions are the same ones that make weight-based goals.

Only 45 percent of the surveyed women are planning on making  resolutions this year.  While 41 percent believe that their goals will last forever, only half are feeling motivated enough to complete them. When it comes to keeping those promises, 91 percent say their resolutions are “achievable,” but only 5 percent have never broken a resolution. (Talk about #goals.)

Overall, only 10 percent of women said that New Year’s resolutions are the most effective way to achieving any goal at all. So even if you slip by January 2nd, not all hope is lost.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US