Kaia Gerber's pretty peepers are everything. Photo: Getty
Pretty peepers like Kaia Gerber’s are everything. Photo: Getty

Let’s face it — it’s really not that easy to get a full 8 hours worth of sleep every day. We can probably get away with the lack of sleep once in a while… but in the long run, signs of sleep deprivation will emerge — especially through the eyes. Think puffy eye bags, dark under eye circles, fine lines and premature wrinkles, and an overall dullness. Not a good look is it?

While it will probably take some time for you to introduce an hour or two more of sleep into your daily routine and make it a good habit, you can always count on dietary aid and the help of these BAZAAR-approved eye products in the mean time. With these tips, you can bid adieu the visible signs of sleep deprivation, and say hello to enviably bright, vibrant peepers.

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Eat Right

Food rich in healthy oils and nutrients not only maintain good overall health, it also promotes beautiful eyes by protecting the cells from environmental damage and feeding them with all the good stuff to function properly.

Protect & Nourish

The skin around the eyes are significantly thinner than every other part of the body, so extra care must be taken to keep it in tip top condition — especially when you’re sleep-deprived. Sun protection is crucial in the day time to fend off nasty UV rays from damaging the skin, while restorative eye creams repair and recharge the skin’s health when you go to sleep at night so it’s ready to face the day when you awake the day after.

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Treat Them With Love

Once or twice a week, slip a luxurious eye treatment into your skincare routine to soothe and pamper tired eyes for a brighter appearance.

Subtle Enhancements

It doesn’t hurt to cheat a little bit. With moisturising contact lenses, achieving a sparkly pair of eyes instantly is well within reach.

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