With nearly 50 million Instagram followers (and millions more on every other social platform), Huda Kattan isn’t just a beauty influencer and entrepreneur, she’s a pillar of the beauty industry. What started as false lashes and liquid lipsticks has evolved into Huda Beauty, a massive beauty brand that stays on top of trends at the speed of TikTok. Beauty is Kattan’s passion, and that’s perhaps most apparent when she chats about her new skincare brand, Wishful.

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Launched in early 2020, Wishful is trying to pull the beauty industry back into reality with its Photoshop- and filter-free commitment, and simple yet effective products. These are skincare products designed to give you skin so glowy, even, and radiant that you can tone down your concealer and foundation (if you want to). The line now includes everything from cleansing butters to tools and masks, but the latest drop is the Honey Peptide Whip Moisturizer. “Wishful is a passion project. Like, honestly, even if it didn’t make any money, I’d be so happy with it. Because it was for me. I needed something myself because I had such a skincare journey,” Kattan tells BAZAAR.com.

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In our latest episode of Go to Bed with Me (above), Kattan walks us through her entire nighttime skincare routine, plus she shares why the new Honey Peptide Whip Moisturizer formula is so good. The secret is skin-repairing and plumping peptides, as the name suggests, but also manuka honey.

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US.

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