Hunter Schafer for Mugler Fragrances

When it was announced in February that Hunter Schafer would be the new face of Mugler’s Angel Elixir eau de parfum, it was a match made in fragrance heaven. Not only is the Euphoria star’s career on fire—she has two seasons of the hit series under her belt, appears in the upcoming film Cuckoo, and stars in the highly anticipated Hunger Games reboot—she has a longstanding history with the label, having walked in the spring 2021 runway show.

“I’ve been a fan of the house for a long time, and Casey [Cadwallader]’s reinterpretation of making the brand his own,” says Schafer. “I’m a fan of it all, and having [walked] some really special runway for them to now repping Angel is really exciting.”

Angel Elixir is the newest addition to the fashion house’s iconic Angel lineup. And it may be the most intriguing too. Described as woody, floral, and gourmand, it features a creamy sandalwood base, pink pepper, and a white floral bouquet along with vanilla and Amber Xtreme.

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Mugler Angel Elixir

Ahead of the launch, Schafer sat down with to answer a few of our burning fragrance questions. Find out what she loves about Angel Elixir, whose personal scent she loves most, and why fragrance feels like “armor” to her.

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Who is the best-smelling person you know?

I really like the smell of my boyfriend [Dominic Fike]. He smells really good.

What was the first fragrance you wore?

I’m not sure what it was, but I think my first experience with fragrance was with my mom, when she got ready for church, or if we were going out to dinner or something. When she went out she brought a fragrance with her and that was part of how she put herself together.

Where does fragrance fit into your beauty routine?

It’s a part of how I put myself together to go do whatever I need out in the world. I like the idea of sort of adorning myself in armor, or assembling some sort of feminine fortress that I can go out into the world, and I think fragrance helps put that together. It makes me feel more confident.

Where would you wear Angel Elixir?

One of the things I love about the fragrance is it’s complex. It has all these different notes that are applicable to daytime, then the sweeter, softer elements—the vanilla base, the woody tones—some elements that take it more into an evening vibe, with the spicier metallic notes.

What scents make you feel nostalgic?

It’s kind of random, but the smell of Maruchan Ramen, the little packs, when they’re cooking. I used to eat those literally every other night when I was a kid. It has a very distinct smell that brings me back to childhood when I smell it cooking. And I still make it all the time.

What is the first thing you smell in the morning?

Coffee. That’s another wonderful smell.

What is the last thing you smell before bed?

I always put on lotion before bed, so probably the smell of my lotion.

What scent reminds you of being on the set of Euphoria?

I don’t know what it is, but the hairspray they use in the hair and makeup trailer has a very distinct smell, and it’s been consistent throughout both of the seasons. Even when I’ve brought my family there to visit the set, they now attribute that smell to Euphoria as well.

Hunter Schafer for Mugler Fragrances
Photo: Mugler Fragrances

What does home smell like to you?

There’s this pasta, the “pink pasta” is what my mom calls it. It’s not actually pink, I don’t know why she calls it that. I guess the sauce is kind of salmon-y—in color—it’s not a salmon sauce. One could make a stretch and say it’s pink, if you wanted to.

Angel is famously a gourmand fragrance. So let’s keep talking about food. What’s your favorite sweet smell?

Maybe maple. It reminds me of fall, it’s warm.

What’s a food smell you dislike?

Asparagus. I like asparagus as a vegetable, but I think it can smell kind of crazy when you’re cooking it.

What smell always makes you hungry?

Probably that Maruchen Ramen. It always makes me want a bowl.

Mugler Angel Elixir Eau de Parfum is now available starting at $95 at

This article originally appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR US.