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Hype Beast culture has taken over the world—from high street brands to luxury fashion labels (we’re looking at you, Virgil Abloh) and now, the beauty industry. Korean skincare and makeup brand Innisfree and American makeup brand Maybelline are the leading cosmetic labels jumping on the bandwagon. The packaging, as you would expect, are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. But what we’re more interested in are the products themselves—are they pigmented? are the claims just that, claims? or have these beauty giants created something new altogether? We’re a little tardy to the party (Kim Zolciak-Biermann anyone?), but here’s our thoughts:

Earlier this year in May, Innisfree released their capsule collection in collaboration with Fila. We’ll be addressing four sets—the Mint Calming kit, Pink Bright kit, Intensive Leisure sunscreen stick, Hologram blushers.

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The Kits

These kits have been touted as an after-gym all-in-one beauty regimen by YouTubers. And looking at the products, we concur.

The Mint Calming kit comes with a mint pouch that houses their Bija Cica Gel, Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam and an All Over Refresh Tissue. Every item in the kit, with the exception of the tissues, are repackaged Innisfree’s existing products. The All Over Refresh Tissue is meant to remove sweat and provide a refreshing sensation. The only caveat is that you only get 1 piece of it. As for the other two products—Bija Cica Gel and Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam—aren’t new products, but they do work. The gel is a spot treatment made with Centella asiatica and D-panthenol, which are fast-becoming cult-favourite beauty ingredients. Mostly because it delivers results without drying out the skin or damaging the skin’s epidermis, like most blemish-targeted products. As for the cleanser, it’s a foolproof foaming cleanser that removes oil and dirt buildup without causing that taut feeling unlike traditional foaming cleansers.

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The Pink Bright kit comes with a pink pouch and their Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream, Micellar Oil Water and All Over Refresh Tissue. This kit is meant to be more hydrating, in line with the Korean aesthetic of glass skin. The Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream is a perfectly fine moisturiser that provides lightweight hydration (read: great for oily skin), doesn’t clog pores and add a slight luminance to the skin. As for the Micellar Oil Water, it’s a fuss free makeup removing cleanser, and is great at gently removing waterproof makeup.

Intensive Leisure Sunscreen

It’s yet another mainstay product repackaged for the collaboration. That said, it’s a pretty handy sunscreen stick that’s honestly, perfect for all skin tones.You get an added lymphatic drainage benefit as you glide it over the contours of your face (and neck) to apply the product. Unlike physical sunscreens or some hybrid sunscreens, this won’t give you a white-cast.

Hologram Blushers

They come in four colours: Twinkle Lavender, Twinkle Peach, Twinkle Rosy and Twinkle Orange. As far as pigmentation goes, these products are severely lacking. However, they’d be perfect for layering to help achieve a watercolour blush effect. It also works for a natural #iwokeuplikethis makeup day.

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Although most of the products mentioned from the collaboration aren’t exactly new, we know that they work. And honestly, at that price point and chic packaging, we don’t see a reason not to buy them. The collaboration is exclusive to Korea, but you can shop here and have it shipped to Singapore.