If your makeup essential is your eyeliner, or you hate having smudged eyeliner at the end of the day, you’ll definitely want to try the new Browhaus Big Eye Eye Define Treatment. A semi-permanent makeup solution, Big Eye Eye Define’s process lasts for three to five years. Using the same method as the Eye Define, the only difference is that a slightly thicker line is drawn in the middle of your lashline to create the appearance of larger and rounder eyes. The bonus? The illusion of fuller looking lashes. For full on drama, you can even choose to line your lower eyeline.

Photo: Browhaus

The process to line the upper eyeline is fairly simple, pain-free and takes about an hour.

  1. – The therapist analyses your eye shape to decide which treatment is more suitable, the Big Eye Eye Define or the standard Eye Define (same price) and whether a lower eyeline should be added as well.
  2. – The therapist draws on the shape she has in mind with a standard eyeliner. Once the shape and thickness is agreed upon, she wipes the eyeliner off.
  3. – Numbing cream is applied along the lashline, and left for 15-20 minutes.
  4. – The numbing cream is removed and the therapist then does an outline of the shape for each eye with a handheld equipment which sounds similar to a tattoo gun. (You can ask for ear plugs if the sound bothers you)
  5. – Then the therapist colours in the vegetable dye to enhance the pigment
  6. – Each eye is washed to remove any further irritation or discomfort caused by the numbing cream

The recommended post-treatment care involves applying Fix ($40.66), an anti-scarring balm with vitamins A and D, and Lanolin for fast and efficient healing of skin wounds, and Build ($37.45), a post-treatment formula with built-in growth factors to repair and regenerate skin cells with moisture-preserving genes, twice a day before you wash your face.

Photo: Browhaus

The downtime is minimal. My eyes were more sensitive to light the day of the treatment, and the skin around the lashline was slightly swollen for the next two days. Colleagues thought I had “spent the night before crying” or “done the usual eyelash extensions.” Within four days, the dye had scabbed off and the eyeliner was a faint black line along the lashline. The overall effect is that of fuller lashes which help make my eyes appear more smiley and friendly. So if you want something more obvious, be sure to emphasize you want a darker tone and thicker line.

Photo: Browhaus

BROWHAUS Big Eye Eye Define retails at $856 (upper eyeline), $642 (lower eyeline) & $107 (Tune Up: Maintenance for each eyeline, to be done within 6 months of treatment.) First-time customers will
enjoy a special price of $450.00 for Upper Eye Define from now till 31 August 2016. Big Eye Eye
Define is available at all BROWHAUS outlets in Singapore. Visit www.browhaus.com for complete
store listings.

By Debby Kwong