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Every morning, we wake up with the dreams of not spending hours getting ready—heading out without any makeup and still look snatched. What if this dream could be a reality? At least in part so you can shave time off your beauty routine.

One of the biggest and most time-consuming makeup challenges women face is drawing their brows. It’s because the brows are the most important feature on our face—its shape, colour, length and arch can dramatically change your look and if you take into account the make-or-break situation of it all, drawing your brows every morning can turn into a stressful affair (and frankly, no one needs that kind of stress in their lives).

This is where Browhaus’ Brow Resurrection can help alleviate some of that bother, and shave time off your makeup routine. The Brow Resurrection treatment uses semi-permanent pigments that are scratched lightly into the epidermis layer of the skin to form thin, strand-like lines that mimic real hair.

Customised for you

There is no one-shape-fits all when it comes to brows and Browhaus understands that every set of brows is unique and requires customisation to bring out your best features. Each Brow Resurrection would include a consultation by a Brow Specialist, who will recommend the best shape for you. But it doesn’t end there—the brow colour is also custom blended from a selection of brown to grey pigments to ensure the best match for Asian skin tones.

Safety first

Browhaus takes pride when it comes to safety and hygiene, even before the pandemic happened. The treatment bay and tools are cleaned before and after every customer with hospital grade sanitiser. Each multi-pin needles or blades used for Brow Resurrection comes in individually sealed and sanitised medical grade packaging that is disposed off after every use. The pigments used for the Brow Resurrection treatments are high quality FDA approved dyes that are safe for all skin types. Before the embroidery session, the Brow Specialist will apply a layer of medical grade topical skin numbing cream to reduce any possible discomfort during the treatment. The Brow Specialist will also be constantly checking in to ensure that you are most at ease and comfortable, with the option to re-apply the skin numbing cream in between the treatment. The Brow Specialists will also be able to advise you on the proper aftercare to ensure you get the best results.

Be #CloseUpReady

To make it easy to achieve the type of brows you want, Browhaus has four variations of the Brow Resurrection treatment—Classic, Soft, Ombre and Full.

Brow Resurrection – Classic

The Brow Resurrection Classic has a natural brow look with realistic strand-like strokes that defines the form and shape of the brows.

Brow Resurrection – Soft

The soft variation of the Brow Resurrection treatment produces a light and airy effect. The strokes are finer, producing a softer and more natural look.

Brow Resurrection – Full

Brow Resurrection Full gives you a full a feathery brow with a natural finish. The strokes are long and made with a sliding technique using an ultra-fine multi-pin needle to give fullness to sparse and uneven brows.

Brow Resurrection – Ombre

This Brow Resurrection variation uses a combination of feathery strokes and pointillism techniques to give brows a gradient look. This gives an effect that looks like wearing brow makeup, and is perfect for those who usually leaves their house with a full-face beat.

Whether you have uneven, sparse or thin brows, let Browhaus help you be #BestSelfReady without the fuss.

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