dior j'adore in joy
Photo: Dior

As the fifth fragrance in Dior’s J’Adore range, the new J’Adore In Joy takes on a livelier, more effervescent profile while still retaining its signature femininity. “With J’adore In Joy, I created an original fruity-salty accord to make white flowers shine. This ‘Fleur de Sel’ is modern in style and literally ‘smells’ of joy,” says Francois Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator. This unique ingredient that Demachy speaks of, Fleur de Sel, is an surprising accord that combines the characteristics of floral notes with a hint of salty gourmandise.

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J'Adore in joy
Photo: Dior

At first whiff, a breath of freshness hits you, followed by a nectarine fullness of the juicy peach. This exuberance is supported with a voluptuous bouquet of flowers that are familiar to fans of the J’Adore fragrances, including neroli, sambac jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang. Another key component in J’Adore In Joy is the new extract of Ylang Ylang that’s used.

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j'adore in joy
Photo: Dior

Francois Demachy picked only the Ylang Essence from Madagascar because it had a salty facet to it, so it ” resonates perfectly with the composition of J’adore In Joy, which itself is built on an incisive salty accord,” adds Demachy. And that’s not all. In order to obtain the exact extract of Ylang Ylang that Demachy wanted, this Ylang Essence had to be transported to Grasse to undergo a painstaking process of multiple distillations.

Known as the Perfume Capital of the World, there are more experts in the fragrances industry in Grasse than anywhere else in the world. Thanks to a history of creativity and skill, it is of no surprises that the biggest fragrance companies in the world look here for everything from raw ingredients to extraction labs. “In Grasse, the conversation between the perfumer and the chemist is of the utmost importance. Their expertise is incomparable as it is descended from a long history combining skill and creativity, science and astuteness. This attitude and this knowledge are not found anywhere else. And that is why we can carry out such subtle olfactory work, as we have with Ylang Heart for J’adore In Joy. And that is also where the luxury of Dior perfumes comes from,” explains Demachy.

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Photo: Dior, Francois Demachy

Regardless of whether you’re an ardent J’Adore fan or you’re trying the scent for the first time, one whiff of the new J’Adore In Joy is all it takes to have you hooked. This seamless blend of sweet, fresh, salty and floral notes is energetic, sensual and most importantly, liberating.

J’Adore In Joy is $134 for 50ml, or $194 for 100ml. Available at all Dior counters from 1 April 2017. 

By Joyce Cheo