Jennie of Blackpink

Whether it’s her smile or her cherub-like countenance, there’s something beguiling about Jennie Kim that goes beyond simply being a pretty face. With a claim to fame as one-fourth of K-pop’s hottest girl group, BlackPink, and being a muse to the house of Chanel, the singer’s star is rising faster than you can say hallyu takeover. And with her burgeoning A-list status comes a legion of fans stealing her style, which includes the ingénue makeup look she sports more often than not. Want to try your hand at re-creating her fresh-faced flawlessness? Here’s how.


You’ll want your skin to look like skin in order to mimic Jennie’s fresh complexion. Though if you’re blessed with good skin, that’s already half the battle won (lucky, lucky you). For the rest of us with less than stellar genetics, you’d want a lightweight base layered over a good brightening or blurring face primer to fake that ‘no-foundation foundation’ look. Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation and cult fave Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua are fab for achieving that second-skin finish.

Skip the powder except for a light dusting on the areas that can get oily, and even then, use one that’s finely-milled to avoid the powder creasing or settling into fine lines or pores as the day wears on. Tap the lightest touch of blush on the apples of your cheeks, and you’re good to go.

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Put away your colourful eyeshadow palettes because the K-pop idol almost never wears any. At most, she uses natural or nude-toned shades to give her peepers more depth. The real deal is her eyeliner, drawn close to her lash line and ending in just the slightest flick to elongate and enhance the shape of her eyes. Also, getting in some practice to tailor the line to your own eye shape might be required, especially if you’re pants at drawing eyeliner. Finish with generous coats of mascara on curled eyelashes and hello, bambi eyes.


From MLBB to fire engine red and everything else in between, she rocks a variety of lip shades and looks darn good while she’s at it. But the trick to acing Jennie’s rosebud-like pout isn’t the colour but the technique. Keen eyes will notice that the edges of her lipstick tend to be softened out, resulting in a lippie that looks almost melted on. To do so, you’ll want to lay down your colour along the inner lip, then spread the pigment out using gentle tapping motions with your ring finger until you’ve got that just bitten, velvety texture.

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