Jennifer Aniston
Photo: Getty

​Harper’s BAZAAR: What do you think the “Rachel” cut of 2015 is?

Jennifer Aniston: I guess it’s not really a hairstyle, but the ombré hair kind of took over for a period. I don’t think the short, choppy Rachel haircut is as big—I think long, natural hair is more the look now. I think it’s sort of a ’90s thing, that choppy Rachel hair.

Who is your hair icon?

JA: I love Brigitte Bardot, I mean that’s an obvious choice.

What’s your idea of a perfect hair day? 

JA: When my natural hair is tame and easy. I have curly, wavy hair and I’m always envious of girls who get out of the shower and their hair just dries and they can just go. I have all sorts of weird cowlicks, so when it actually decides to behave in the elements, that is the perfect hair day to me.

How do you combat a bad hair day? 

JA: Usually I put it up in a ponytail or a great hat, but I don’t have very many bad hair days. Last night I used my Living Proof Night Cap and it’s kind of incredible; I just wake up and it looks fresh and clean. ​There’s also the new dry shampoo that’s available so you can go a couple days without washing your hair. ​I would say I go two or three.

If you could guarantee that it would look good, what wild hair look would you try? 

JA: A pixie.

I could see that working. 

JA: Never ever in a million years! Or like, Tilda Swinton‘s hair. She always looks so gorgeous—her hair is like an art project.

What is your biggest hair mistake or regret?

JA: Can I just say a decade? The ’80s by far.

Do you have a secret hair talent? 

JA: I can blow-dry my hair pretty well, but I don’t have any crazy, hidden French twist talents up my sleeve. I can do a French braid on someone, but I don’t think I can do it on myself. I’ve given a lot of my nieces and my friends’ daughters many a French braid so I can say that.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to somebody who wants amazing hair? 

JA: Don’t wash it everyday for sure and use the Restore Mask Treatment once a week.