What is star quality? Is it in the way someone lights up a room with their captivating presence? Or is it measured by one’s talent and skill, which not only connect with, but also affect, an audience on different levels? It’s all of that and more, with a heavy sprinkling of stardust. And Jennifer Lawrence twinkles on top of that list. The 28-year-old’s beguiling beauty and innate acting prowess certainly light up the silver screen. Her superstardom is also buoyed by a devil-may-care attitude, infectious sense of humour and, of course, her relatable stories of falling… In love and on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence JOY by Dior Fragrance
JOY by Dior blossoms with bergamot, mandarin, rose and jasmine, and dries down into notes of sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and musk for a sensual finish

So when you see JLaw as the striking face of Dior’s newest fragrance, JOY (which shares the same name as the movie and character she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for in 2016) it all makes sense. Concocted by François Demachy, Dior’s Perfumer-Creator, this enlivening elixir bursts with bergamot, mandarin and a bouquet of rose and jasmine, and settles down into woody notes of creamy sandalwood, cedar and patchouli, fused with evanescent musks for a sensual finish. Marking the global launch of JOY by Dior, Lawrence reveals her relationship with this new sensuous, vivacious fragrance and what went on behind the scenes at the campaign’s cinematic pool shoot in Beverly Hills.

Can you share your earliest fragrance memory?
I remember my mom always wore Miss Dior. It was the first fragrance I ever smelled and even when I smell it today, it gives me such warm memories.

What does the word “joy” mean to you?
Joy is an emotion that everyone has inside of them. It is the purest form of happiness.

What do you love about Dior and your relationship with the House?
I signed on to work with Dior in 2010 and it has been an amazing partnership. So many of my favourite dresses have come from the house—like my Oscar look for Silver Linings Playbook and the dress I wore last year to the Mother! premiere in New York. It has been an incredibly collaborative experience, and I am thrilled to be able to expand on the relationship with JOY by Dior. Dior epitomises femininity and elegance, so to be a part of a fashion and beauty House with such an incredibly rich history is a great honour.

Jennifer Lawrence JOY by Dior Fragrance
The face of JOY
by Dior, Jennifer Lawrence takes the plunge at the campaign shoot directed by American filmmaker and producer, Francis Lawrence

How would you describe the JOY woman?
Scent is such a personal expression, but I think this fragrance is for any woman who wants to exude a sense of femininity, confidence and strength.

How was it like discovering this for the first time?
I went to Paris last year when François Demachy was deciding between two different versions of JOY by Dior. He let me smell both and we both immediately agreed on our favourite of the two. It was a really cool experience to go to the laboratory and see his process. The launch was the first time I actually got to see the bottle with the perfume in it though. It’s really exciting to be part of this project.

What kind of feelings does this fragrance invoke?
I have been told that every time the fragrance was unveiled, the same words kept coming up: Rejoicing, caress, light, femininity, smile, serenity, strength. So, I think beautiful scents can definitely enhance your mood and confidence.

Any interesting stories from the campaign shoot?
Most of the campaign was shot in or under water at two different houses in Beverly Hills. I was wearing beautiful custom couture gowns that were corseted on top and had multiple layers of tulle on the bottom, which made both floating and staying submerged underwater pretty difficult—so we had to come up with some interesting tricks with floaties and styrofoam boards to help keep me where I was supposed to be!

Can you describe the story behind this campaign?
Francis Lawrence [the campaign director] and I have worked together for years through films like The Hunger Games and Red Sparrow, so he knows me very well and was able to incorporate a lot of my personality into the film. We tried to capture emotions rather than tell a straight story, which was a fun and exciting new way to work together.

What are the things that make you happy?
My dog Pippi, my friends, and reading.

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