Photo: Terry Richardson

To celebrate her very first fragrance, Scent of a Dream—she launched her now famous makeup line at the end of 2013—British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury couldn’t tap just any member of her illustrious Rolodex. She went straight to the top, calling on longtime friend and muse Kate Moss to perform in a sexy cool video that does not disappoint. And just what does a good friend do when you ask them a favor? They turn TF up. Moss flips her hair, shimmies her body, and hypnotizes a roomful of suitors—all while wearing a slinky, see-through jewel-encrusted gown, not dissimilar to the one Rihanna made famous at the 2014 CFDA Awards.

See the full campaign video below:

While the video is spectacle enough, the actual fragrance is pretty spectacular, too. The idea is that it combines zippy and energetic botanical notes like black pepper and mandarin with musky, heat-activated pheromonal notes like patchouli and ambroxan. “Working with visionary experts in the fields of neuroscience and fragrance, I have created a scent that has the power to attract your future and ignite memories of your past,” Tilbury said in a statement. Scent of a Dream is available for $100 at

Photo: Charlotte Tilbury

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US