kim kardashian
Photo: Getty

If you’re alive on this planet, you know that Kim Kardashian prizes her 2010 weight above all else. In an attempt to force her post-baby body down to 120 pounds, our girl has been ATTACKING it at the gym. Just how hard is she praying to the weight loss healthy body Gods? Well, she just revealed it on Snapchat:

Kim is doing a a 4-mile run, planks, pushups, some ab work and 1,000 jump ropes (Yes, ONE THOUSAND JUMP ROPES) and, as you know, that hard work is paying off in the form of an increasingly slender figure and drastically lower weight. Just imagine if she took all the energy she puts into losing weight and applied it to world peace—we’d be singing Kumbaya across the world in two days flat.

From: Cosmopolitan US