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– While participating in the Pull Up for Change challenge, Kyle Cosmetics revealed the demographics of its corporate staff.

– Though 13 percent of the team is Black, 53 percent identify as white.

– The entire Kylie Cosmetics team also identifies as women.

As Black Lives Matter protests continue without pause across the country, many are asking industries to look at how they contribute to racial inequalities within their own workplaces. Such is the premise of the Pull Up for Change challenge, an initiative started by Sharon Chuter, the Black female founder of Uoma Beauty. The challenge asks companies to reveal how many Black people they employ at the corporate level, as only 8 percent of people in white-collar positions are Black.

Answering the call, Kylie Cosmetics, the beauty brand started by Kylie Jenner, disclosed its team’s demographics. Black people make up 13 percent of the staff, while white people make up 53 percent. Overall, 47 percent of its employees identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color), and 100 percent identify as women.

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“Kylie Cosmetics is here for Pull Up for Change, for our team, and for the black community,” the brand wrote in an Instagram post. “We are proud of the diversity within our company, with a team of Black, White, Asian, Native American, Hispanic and Middle Eastern women. As our team grows we commit to a continued focus on ethnic diversity in the workplace and the recruitment of black employees. The numbers you see above represent the people at our Kylie Cosmetics/Kylie Skin HQ. Our leadership team is made up of two people, @Kyliejenner and @KrisJenner. Thank you @pullupforchange and @heysharonc @uomabeauty for bringing an important issue to the forefront of the conversation in our industry. #PullUpForChange

Still, not everyone was satisfied with the statistics. One Instagram user commented, “They’re still the minority by A LOT in your company…”

Other beauty brands have also participated, including Tarte, Ulta, L’Óreal, Lush, Shiseido, and Glossier, with many brands hovering near the single digits when it comes to Black employee representation.

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This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.