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In perfumery, oud can be considered one of the most opulent and expensive ingredients. So when it’s at the heart of a scent, you’ll know it’s a lavish and extravagant olfactory work of art that is sure to impress. And the latest fragrance duo under Atkinsons The Oud Collection does just that.

The first of two is the called Her Majesty The Oud EDP, $305 for 100ml. It is inspired by Gertrude Bell, a British archaelogist who traveled the Middle East extensively and was referred to by locals as “Khatun”, a term signifying female nobility. Described as “An English rose of the Arabian desert” by perfumer Emilie Coppermann, this lush concoction evokes her travel across the Mesopotamia, blending Turkish rose-infused oud with sweet red berry jam and apricot-laced osmanthus blossoms. Accents of leather accord, iris and vanilla rounds off the spellbindingly glamorous scent for a sexy and exotic finish.

Aktinsons1799_OudCollection_His_majesty_the_oud_onlyBottle lores

Next, the male counterpart is the His Majesty The Oud EDP, $305 for 100ml. Created to pay homage to King Faisal I, a notable figure in Arabian history, this intense, smoky scent captures his charisma and masculinity. Heady lapsang souchong tea accord merges with the dryness and depth of cedarwood and sandalwood before melting to a hypnotising base of oud and vanilla for a rich and velvety finish.

By Joyce Cheo