Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl's
Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl’s

To mark its 165th anniversary this month, Kiehl’s is teaming up with three local personalities to design limited-edition labels for its iconic products, Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, Ultra Facial Cream and Super Multi-Corrective Cream. Called the #UltraLove Charity Project, the creations of Jaime Teo, Paige Chua and Wendy Jacobs are inspired by symbols of love, happiness and hope. The best part? All net proceeds will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) to support children facing cancer and their families.

The label of the Ultra Facial Cream, $48 for 50ml or $86 for 125ml, designed by Jaime Teo

“No surprises here! My design centres on a cupcake. It is a happy food and children usually love them because it is a colourful, sweet treat. In that way, I hope my contribution will bring the children in CCF joy and also uplift their spirits,” says Jaime Teo, Co-Founder of Twelve Cupcakes.

Paige Chua’s creation of Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream, $48 for 50ml or $86 for 125ml

“In the middle of my simple stick-figure drawing is a child holding a heart, and surrounding this child are figures of supportive and encouraging grown-ups,” says Paige Chua, actress and Board Member of the United Nations Association of Singapore. “My message is simple and is intended for the children in CCF: Don’t be afraid, we are here for you. We’ve got your back.”

Wendy Jacobs’ design of Super Multi-Corrective Cream, $95 for 50ml or $115 for 75ml

“On the outside, my design is fiery and red, which symbolises the pain and suffering that children with cancer undergo, we simply cannot ignore that part of it. But towards the centre, it mellows down and becomes about balance and peace and light, because I believe with such diseases, it isn’t always about fighting and battling. It should also be about love and tranquility despite the situation,” explains Wendy Jacobs, model and host.

The #UltraLove limited edition products are available at all Kiehl’s stores and counters. Visit for more information.

By Joyce Cheo